ATV and UTV Insurance Coverage for Outdoor Fun

ATV and UTV Insurance Coverage On Your Land and Off

ATV and UTV are loads of fun. Who doesn't love climbing rugged terrain and sloshing through mud holes. They're helpful for working on land or doing farm chores, or just simply getting from one side of your property to the next. Safety is always a concern, however, because as the saying goes - it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Make sure you're prepared with the insurance needed to cover these vehicles and protect both riders and your bottom line.  

Coverage Details

Insurance coverage for ATVs and UTVs is typically the same as for motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, side-by-sides and other unconventional transport. The insurance coverage required for these vehicles includes bodily injury liability and property damage liability.  

Optional add-on coverage that’s also worth investigating can include medical payment insurance, collision, comprehensive coverage and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.

Even with all required and responsible add-on coverage, you could still be left exposed in certain circumstances. Some of the details can seem a bit complicated:

  • Off-road recreational use is permitted, and coverage extends to traveling across your own property - going from your yard to a barn, for example. Coverage might also extend while traveling on designated parks and reserves as long as ATV use is posted as permissible.
  • Your insurance coverage does NOT extend to ATV use on roads and highways since that use is illegal. But the driver MAY cross roadways at designated places for crossing during legal off-road use as long as the driver first stops for traffic.

But what if you only use your ATV or UTV on private property? That being the case, you’re not required to obtain liability coverage as long as that is the only way the vehicle is being used. However, carrying a policy is still highly recommended.

That’s because your homeowner’s policy might not cover an individual who’s not on the policy but is injured on the vehicle. Read your homeowner’s policy carefully. There might well also be limitations on who can operate the ATV, the minimum age requirements and other critical details and limitations.

Confused yet? That’s why you need an insurance agent with answers and the patience to make sure you feel confident in knowing what you need to know.

Now for Some Good News

Don’t let all the exclusions and possible limitations and what-ifs get you down. You’re likely to find several possibilities for saving money. Discuss these with your Winter-Dent agent to find out if they apply for you: 

  • Some carriers offer discounts for the coverage of multiple ATVs or UTVs. 
  • Some carriers offer discounts for if you have multiple policies with them.
  • Some carriers offer discounts for having an anti-theft device installed on your vehicle (which happens to be a good idea even beyond the cost advantages).

Helpful Resources for Your ATV/UTV

Proper coverage related to ATV and UTV use is important. And if you use ATVs or UTVs for business - the absence of such coverage might be a definite financial impediment to your business operation. Before you ride, make sure you have a helmet, goggles...and the right insurance policy. 


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