FAQ: What You Need To Know About Workplace Violence Insurance

Workplace violence is not necessarily a topic people like to talk about. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen, or that it couldn’t happen in your company or organization. And whether or not employees actually feel safe at work may go unspoken as well, because 1 in 7 Americans don’t feel safe at work.

So how can you ensure that your organization and its employees are protected and covered in the case that a workplace violence event occurs at your place of business, or during business travel? We’ve highlighted some frequently asked questions below regarding workplace violence coverage, and what you can expect from your comprehensive policy with Winter-Dent:

What is a workplace violence event?

Any intentional and unlawful use of deadly force with the intent to harm, which results in serious bodily injury or death to an insured person.

Is there a limitation to the type of weapon?

No, our endorsement does not specify or limit coverage to specific weapons involved in an incident or event. A perpetrator could use any object or means to cause serious bodily injury.

Who is an insured person?

Insured person includes any employee, owner, manager, directors, and officers.

What coverage can I expect with workplace violence coverage with Winter-Dent?

  • Crisis Management Experts: Professionals who are available 24/7 both on and off-site to help guide the company every step of the way to assist in all aspects of recovery.

  • Public Relations Consulting: Experts to help guide the company in a time of crisis through social media, advertising, email, and website. 

  • Business Interruption/Income: Help recover loss of business income during a shutdown.

  • Mental Health Counselling: Help employees cope and begin to manage healing. Make your employees and guests involved, feel whole again.

  • Site Security Services: Critical in preventing further damage to employees and property.

Too often, employers want to believe. “That could never happen at my company…” but the truth is that it very well could. Companies deserve the right to be properly prepared. With the help of our workplace violence coverage, you can ensure that your company and employees are. Visit our portal here for more information and to apply.


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