Heading To The Lake? Make Sure You're Safe!

There is no better place to be when the summer heat kicks into high gear than on the Lake of The Ozarks in your fabulous boat. However, before you and your family head down to that lake specifically or any other lake for that matter, you need to ensure that you have the proper insurance coverage.

This will make the difference between slight mishap and outright calamity should something go south while enjoying yourself on the water. Here are some things you need to keep in mind to make sure you stay safe: 

Be Prepared

First things first, let’s check off the basics before you hit the water. Do you have medical insurance documentation with you should an accident occur? What about transportation? Do you have a safe and reliable vehicle to pull your boat? Is it covered properly ensuring that you will be compensated should an accident occur en route? Do you have enough life jackets for yourself and everyone on board your boat? Are you prepared with enough snacks and drinks to last the entire day? What about sunscreen?

Health Insurance

If you will be traveling to the lake frequently this summer, or are planning on taking an extended seasonal vacation, now is a great time to review and double-check your health insurance coverage. Knowing your coverage amounts, and having all your documentation needed in-place will give you peace of mind, knowing that you and your family are adequately covered should you be injured in a car accident, get sick, need medical evacuation and more. If you are traveling internationally, however, you might want to discuss travel health insurance options with your provider.

Auto Insurance

Another important element to be mindful of is auto insurance. Take time to make sure you have all your proper auto insurance documentation with you that you need as well as your registration and license. If you have extra coverage like roadside assistance, make sure you have your card or other pertinent information about that coverage with you as well. Before taking your next road trip or trip to the lake, it’s important to review your coverage plan to make sure you are well protected. Our team is happy to provide a custom plan that is right for your lifestyle and ensures you have the necessary coverage. 

Boat Insurance

While the last thing you want to think about when enjoying your boat out on the lake is what would occur should the worst happen, you must think about it in order to be prepared. Make sure you stay safe on the water, especially when the lake gets packed with other boaters enjoying the beautiful water. Make sure you always carry a life jacket as well for you and everyone on board. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to water safety. Speaking of safety, boat insurance will not only protect you from an accident on the water that isn’t your fault but can also protect you in case you inadvertently damage someone else’s boat. The idea is to protect your entire boat, just as you would a car or truck from any potential mishap. 

Our Advice, Have Fun!

While this information might have been a bit of a downer, it wasn’t intended as such. Thinking about mishaps and accidents while enjoying summer fun isn’t what anyone wants to do. However, to neglect this now, before you head out to have fun will be to your detriment should something happen while you are out and about enjoying the summer weather. We want to ensure your trip to the lake goes off without a hitch, so make sure you have the right insurance coverage to keep you and your loved one's safe. Then, you can relax, make memories and have a grand time! For all your insurance questions and needs, contact the Winter-Dent team today.


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