Six Benefits of Captive Insurance

Benefits of a Captive

In today’s world, consumers are demanding options that include a higher degree of customization. This desire to break free from cookie-cutter solutions and take back control can be found across all sectors of business, including the insurance industry. There is a growing interest in utilizing group captives as a vehicle for taking more control of risk. Employers use this vehicle for setting up their own insurance company rather than purchasing a traditional policy from an existing provider. As business owners are finding, captives provide distinct benefits for the right companies.

Particularly in health insurance where steadily rising costs can make traditional plans unattractive, it’s nice to know that options exist. Some larger employers may establish an insurance company on their own and choose to self-fund. Small and medium-sized employers may join together to form an insurance company known as a group captive. Although this strategy is not for everyone, the right businesses can reap significant benefits from being part of a captive. 

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Here are six benefits to participating in a group captive:  

1. Long-Term Stability

Joining a large pool of companies in a group captive allows you to not only save on expenses but also increase the stability of your rates. In addition, because your renewal rate will be based on your company’s claims history, being part of a captive can provide more predictability with regard to annual rate increases. With a traditional insurance carrier, on the other hand, rates can increase dramatically and without warning based on trends in the industry. 

2. Cost Control Strategy

With a traditional insurance plan, your out-of-pocket costs are fixed. This means that, when your insurance claims are low, your insurer keeps the profits and you spend more than necessary - and when claims are high, premiums may increase to adjust for the difference. However, with a group insurance captive, you can save on overhead expenses by creating a more efficient system. With a low claim year, a group captive can provide dividends when predicted losses in a year don’t materialize. Alternatively, when claims are high, a group captive can help diminish the impact. 

3. Data Transparency

Captive insurance programs give you greater access to your plan data, as well as data about your insured population. This access to data gives you more opportunities to tailor healthcare coverage to your employees’ unique needs, ensuring that all employees get the care they need at the most affordable price.

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4. More Customization

Group captives give you considerably more control over your insurance coverage. Instead of simply purchasing a one-size-fits-all plan, you can tailor your coverage to match your business’s biggest risks. Depending on your situation, you may also be able to customize your plan to give you access to specialized coverage that would have been too expensive in the traditional insurance marketplace. 

5. Collaboration

Being part of a group captive allows you to collaborate with other companies to create an insurance arrangement that offers the maximum benefit to your organization.

6. Better Coverage

A group captive offers your company a greater coverage capacity at a lower cost than traditional insurance. 

Ultimately, the decision to join a captive is based on a careful evaluation of what's right for your organization. If in fact, a group captive makes sense as part of your long-term strategy, then it may be a fit. However, there may be several other options you should consider before ultimately coming to a conclusion to take part in a group captive. 

If this option interests you, download our ebook "Everything You Need to Know About Captives." Then schedule a time to talk with us in more detail. We understand how they work, the advantages they provide, and the drawbacks our clients may face when considering this option. We have the resources to fully evaluate your current position and structure a program that’s right for you - making sure you don’t face any unwanted surprises. 


Originally published 1/14/21 - Updated 3/27/23

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