Top Five Advantages of Home Security Systems

Your home is your solace, your place of rest and a sanctuary. It houses your most valuable assets and possessions along with the individuals and/or pets you treasure as much as life itself. Not only that but it is also likely your singular largest financial investment.  As such, it deserves to be adequately protected. While some opt for the old school means of a tough dog or nosy neighbors, others turn to the tried and true method of home security systems. Read on to learn more about their benefits:

What is a Home Security System?

There are a wide range of options when it comes to home security systems. The most effective are those that are connected to a monitoring service that will alert the authorities if a problem arises. Some people have security systems that are neither monitored nor armed, so they do very little actual good. However, even their mere existence can dissuade some evildoers. 

Top Five Advantages of Home Security Systems

Whether you live in a safe area or worry daily about a break-in, having a home security system installed in your home has its advantages. The following are five of the most applicable: 

1. Protects Your Most Valuable Possessions

According to a LA Times statistic, the average American home contains some 300,000 items. Of course, that does not mean that the average American would have 300,000 items they would consider priceless possessions. However, that number does give you an idea of just how many valuable possessions might be found within the walls of the average home. A home security system is one way to protect even the most valuable of your possessions, reducing the risk of damage and/or theft. 

2. Notifies You of Fire and Gas Threats 

Speaking of damage, another benefit of home security systems is the fact that they monitor your home for would-be destructive threats like gas and fire. These two dangers can of course cause immense damage to your home and damage or destroy the possessions you have inside. According to Safe Wise numbers, around $14.8 billion in property was lost in US fires during the year 2019. Another stats found that nearly 1,000 house fires occur daily throughout the United States. This means that this is a very real risk you face day in and day out. Adding a security system that monitors for risks like fires and gas leaks can prevent you from losing your home or possessions in a fire. 

3. Prevents Crime and Invasion

Another benefit of home security systems is the fact that they deter burglars from entering your home and stealing your possessions. According to the FBI, nearly 24% of all property crimes are burglaries. Another 56% of all burglaries involved forcible entry. This type of forced entry would trigger an alarm if you have a home security system installed. It would then send the police to your resistance to apprehend the offenders. Of course, in many cases, the benefits of a home security system is not the fact that it helps you catch the thieves, but that it influences them to pass your home by altogether and instead choose another perhaps easier target. 

4. Gives You Peace of Mind

While this advantage of having a home security system isn’t quantifiable in terms of specific statistics, simply knowing that your home is being monitored for fire, gas leaks and burglaries is enough to give you an increased peace of mind. This means you don’t worry as much about leaving your pets at home while you go out, or hesitate to turn in for the night knowing that you and your family are protected while you slumber. It is the equivalent of having a guard present all day and night whose sole focus and job is protecting your home and the possessions and people who reside within its walls.

5. Lowers Homeowners Insurance 

Finally, the last reason that you should consider having a home security system installed is the fact that you will save money on your home insurance plan. Market Watch finds that secure homes are protected homes, which means less risk for the insurance company. Consequently, most insurance companies will offer premium discounts to homeowners who have security products installed.

Bottom Line: Security Systems Offer Several Advantages

The five reasons listed above are just a few of the many that prove the worth of home security systems in helping to keep your home safe and saving you money on your homeowner’s policy. Contact your insurance agent to learn more about your potential savings and the many benefits of a home security system.


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