What We Believe In: Winter-Dent Core Values

You have likely heard the adage “if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything,” well, we at Winter-Dent have learned that if you don’t drive a line in the sand in terms of what you stand for, you run the risk of creating an “anything goes” company culture. That's not why we’re here. Instead, we are here to stand out from our competitors and to promote our 100% employee-owned ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) company through mindset changes that impact how we treat each other, make decisions, and how we interact with our clients. 

However, we know it’s important to go beyond merely stating the words and instead live them. We feel what we say we believe should be lived out and backed up by actual experience both in terms of our employee-owners and our clients. Read on for a synopsis of what we believe in: 

Winter-Dent Core Values


We believe in being proactive, always planning, and striving to move one step ahead. This also means we are innovative when it comes to doing things in the most effective and efficient model. We wholeheartedly embrace tools and technology as resources to help our clients with risk management as well as other services. 

Continuous Learning

In the same vein, education and personal and professional growth is always promoted and embraced by Winter-Dent. We want to be able to separate the good plans from the great ones for our clients, allowing us to build a long-lasting relationship with them that is built on trust. This is all about accessing and managing client risk and is enhanced by continued learning by our employees. 


We believe sharing is power! There is no need to keep a new way of doing something to yourself if you feel it could help productivity or enhance customer service. We want to put at ease any clients who are worried about what might happen in the future and to present transparency that will promote a relationship that can only grow stronger through the years. Remember, it’s not just about being transparent through communication but learning how to connect even more over the term of the relationship. We want our clients to always feel we are open to questions from them and are willing and ready to help them navigate any risk management issue. 

We Do What We Say

We follow through when making a promise. At Winter-Dent, we aim to always be honest above all. This means we will never promise something that isn’t guaranteed. Consequently, we follow up with what we say and if we say something, we mean it. This also helps build that invaluable relationship of trust with clients. 

Lead by Example

We encourage all Winter-Dent employees to be the change they wish to see in the world. Since Winter-Dent is an ESOP-structure company, we know that our clients meeting their goals will mean we meet ours. Therefore, we lead by example and hope to pull all others up with us. 


We are fully committed to our brand and to what we stand for as a company.  This means we are always looking at ways to make what we do work better, which includes a commitment to regular analysis and debriefings. We want to continue to be confident in getting the best results and how we are working on the behalf of our clients which means a commitment to constant improvement being invested in our company's success. We also have a vested interest in the overall success of our clients, because again, their success is our success! 

Other People Matter

We promote the importance of others and embrace paving the way for them, making life easier for others in any way possible. Winter-Dent always wants to create the best life possible for our clients and our employees. This means we believe in placing a high value on people. Clients and employees are never just a number or account to Winter-Dent, instead they are part of the family. 

Pay it Forward

We believe in and promote humans helping humans as a statement that embodies our philosophy as a brand and drives all interactions and decisions. In essence, if a move won’t be beneficial for our clients, employees, or the communities in which we operate, then it isn’t worth doing in our eyes. We want to pay it forward and give back to our communities as much as we are benefiting. 

Winter-Dent Core Values: Know Them, Live Them

At Winter-Dent we are changing the game for customer expectations. We encourage all our employees to embrace the core values outlined above and contribute other ideas on how to make Winter-Dent and our customer base thrive. We want to strive to stand out among our competitors and be a true example of what it means for humans to help other humans exceed in this thing we call life.

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