The Holidays Are Approaching: Easy and Essential Travel Tips and Hacks

COVID obviously changed things immensely last holiday season, prompting many people to forgo their typical travel plans and stay home. This year, more and more people are feeling safe enough to venture out and travel again, making general tips for flying and driving once again applicable as well as travel insurance and auto insurance policies. Consequently, by thinking ahead this season, you could be keeping yourself and your family safe while also saving yourself some unnecessary stress.

Easy and Essential Travel Tips and Hacks For This Holiday Season

With everyone trying to get across the state or country this year to once again be with family and friends all at the same time, things are bound to get crowded, whether driving or flying and that’s to say nothing of the potential for inclement weather the season brings. Therefore, keep the following in mind when venturing out to stay safe while doing so:

Tips For Traveling on the Road

  • Check Your Auto Insurance Policy: Before getting into an accident, not after, is when you should be checking your auto policy. Determine what type of coverage you have and if it’s enough to cover all applicable situations pertaining to holiday roadway travel before you leave this year. 

  • Service Your Car: Make sure your car has a fresh oil change, your wipers are in good shape and your tires have adequate tread before leaving on any trip. 

  • Make an Emergency Kit: Put together a roadside emergency kit to add to your gear this holiday season. Make sure this includes flares, jumper cables and deicer. Also, add blankets, some non-perishable snacks and water in case you get stranded. Make sure someone knows the route you plan on traveling, when you leave and when you should arrive. 

  • Drive Safely and Defensively: It’s often the other drivers on the road you have to watch out for, so make sure you are driving safely yourself and then practice defensive driving as well to watch out for others.

Tips for Traveling by Air: Flying

  • Consider Travel Insurance: This type of coverage can be immensely helpful when you are traveling away from home. It can cover you in case you get hurt or sick while away or even protect your investment if your travel plans fall through. 

  • Get TSA Pre-Check & Always Arrive Early: There is no last-minute run to your seat on the plane such as displayed in the family favorite “Home Alone” allowed any longer. Therefore, give yourself time to pass through all the checks and opt for the pre-check to save yourself some additional hassle. The TSA pre-check will mean an expedited airport security screening process and give you some more freedom when it comes to what you can carry on in your onboard luggage. 

  • Ship Your Gifts Ahead of Time: When you are flying, you want to cut down on how much you take with you. A great way to work around this problem during the holiday season is to ship your gifts to your destination ahead of time, then just worry about getting yourself there. 

  • Stay Healthy and Drink Lots of Water: Being on an airplane and in an airport can expose you to lots of potential illnesses ranging from colds to flu and beyond. Protect yourself as much as possible by drinking lots of water and washing your hands regularly. Stay away from close contact with non-family members as much and humanly as possible.

Our Advice? Always Think Ahead

By thinking ahead, you could be saving yourself and your family from stressful and dangerous situations. Contact us today for more information on how travel and auto insurance policies can save you in potentially detrimental situations when traveling. While no amount of preparedness can prevent every adverse situation from occurring, being prepared and thinking ahead certainly improves your chances of avoiding most of them.


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