The Value of an Independent Agent

The Value of an Independent Agent

When it comes to protecting the people you love and the assets you've worked hard to owe it to yourself to consult with the best. You have choices, and the choice to work with an independent agent brings clear advantages you won't find with other options. Independent agents are uniquely qualified to with the knowledge, skills and tools to defend your family against crisis and make sure your business is properly protected.

What Is an Independent Agent?

An independent agent is an insurance agent who has access to multiple insurance carriers, allowing them to shop around and find the best plan at the best price. This is in sharp contrast to a captive agent, who carries products from only one insurance provider. Working with an independent insurance agent provides you with more options, better service and many other benefits. These agents represent YOU and the insurance carrier, not only the insurance company, much like a mortgage broker helping you find the right loan.

What are Benefits of Working With an Independent Agent?

1. Superior Customer Service

One of the most notable benefits of working with an independent agent is better customer service. When you reach out to your independent agent, you will be dealing with an actual person, not a recording. These agents are typically employed locally, allowing them to be there with you personally through all of the stages of your life and/or business. When you buy a home, start a new company, remodel your house, have children and teach your teens to drive, this agent will be available to help you with your related insurance needs.

In addition, independent agents tend to be more responsive, helping their clients through the claims process. Captive agents often focus only on acquiring new customers, passing off their clients after the sale has been made. Independent agents, on the other hand, remain involved throughout the duration of your relationship with the insurance company. 

2. Personalized Coverage Reviews

Independent insurance agents care deeply about their clients. They want to make sure your needs are met at all times, so they take the time to review your coverage on a regular basis. During each review, your independent agent will make sure nothing has changed and that your coverage does not need to be updated. If updates are required, the independent agent will sift through various company’s rates and coverage options to find the best policies for you.

Because they can work with more than one insurer, independent agents can provide a wider variety of coverage options and price points to their clients. In addition, they typically have a better understanding of how various insurance products work, allowing them to find a better fit and value for your needs. 

3. Better Knowledge and Expertise

Independent insurance agents are licensed experts in their field. They have in-depth knowledge about local insurance needs and options, allowing them to provide you with a higher level of support. An independent insurance agent's career is not based on selling a particular plan to customers in order to make one company money. Instead, their career is based on assessing each customer's needs and finding the right plan to fit with those needs. They know you, they know the area and they know your community. 

Independent insurance agents understand that their work is just beginning when you purchase your policy. They are personal advisors, making themselves available year-round to answer your questions, make recommendations and modify your coverage if needed. 

4. One-Stop Shop

Every client is unique. There is no one-size-fits-all insurance option for families or businesses. Independent agents understand this concept. They see the big picture, and they know how to determine which coverage options are best for you. In addition, they are also able to research different companies and find the best value for the best price. Because independent agents are local, they have established connections in the community. As your needs change, the same agent can continue to represent you, adapting right along with your family or business. 

5. Long-Term Cost Savings 

Independent agents take the time to ask questions and familiarize themselves with your unique situation, ensuring that the coverage they design will do what you expect and be there when you need it. They don't cut corners or hide expenses in order to make a deal. This leads to long-term cost savings for customers.

Winter-Dent has been serving clients since 1912. We are an independent agency that has built a business on taking care of each individual customer. We put you first...we are “humans helping humans." Contact us today to learn more. 





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