What Should I Expect from My Insurance Agent?

Originally published 7/20/21 - Updated 12/14/22

The internet has made it possible to request insurance quotes online from endless amounts of companies. However, although something might be possible doesn’t mean it’s always advisable. After all, not everyone wants to spend hours filling out web forms online searching for their ideal agent or insurance company.

By contrast, a standout insurance agent should be a professional who offers personalized attention throughout the buying process and should be checking in regularly once a policy is established and active.

Why ESOP Matters: As an Employee and as a Customer

Here are some things to look for and expect in the right insurance agent:

1. They Put You, the Client, First

An agent who is only out to earn commission will not likely last long in the insurance business. This is because clients will quickly get the idea that they are nothing more than a commission or another number. They aren’t valued as a client. Instead of these passive, non-personalized actions, your insurance agent should listen carefully to your needs in order to earn your trust and provide the best solution for your situation. Your success and contentment with your program should be their top priority. It shouldn’t be primarily about price as a good agent will put your best interest first before any commission or sales goals. In some cases, this might mean they save you some trouble in the long run by giving you the honest truth about what type of product will work best for you.

2. They Understand the Buying Process

Your insurance agent should also be able to explain and walk you through the buying process in detail. They may also request information on other insurance policies you currently hold. Once quotes are received, your agent should go over the cost with you, highlighting any drawbacks or benefits of any policies you are considering as well as their conditions. In other words, no one expects you to understand the intricacies of an insurance policy, it is your agent’s job to break all that down for you, answering any questions and addressing any concerns you might have about your policy.

3. They are an Expert in Their Field

Insurance is highly technical and demands a high level of expertise to thoroughly understand and then convey details about coverage. This means a good agent should have a myriad of experiences like understanding underwriting and earning designations like CIC and LUTCF expertise. They should also be able to offer a complete selection of services and products that can meet any reasonable need you might have as a client.Putting-a-property-and-casualty-captive-to-work-for-your-business-ebook

4. They Check in Regularly

Good insurance agents should be corresponding with their clients at least yearly if not more frequently to confirm coverage details are correct and that your insurance needs remain the same. In addition, highly skilled insurance professionals will not only help you purchase the right policy, but they also will help you mitigate loss and calculate your overall cost of risk over time. Therefore, if your current insurance agent hasn’t reached out to you in over a year, it might be time to consider making a change in that department as your needs will often fluctuate over time, and you need an agent who will stay on top of all those changes. 

Bottom Line: Your Expectations Should Be High

Sometimes in life, you have to adjust your expectations to better meet reality. However, with regard to your insurance agent, your expectations should be high and remain there. Your protection and finances are of utmost value and should be treated as such. Our team of insurance experts at Winter-Dent would love to partner with you to provide the best service possible, meeting all the expectations outlined above. Contact us today.Stay-informed-subscribe-to-our-blog

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