Vehicles That You Might Not Think Need Protection... But Do

If you are like most, you might not initially think a vehicle other than a standard car or boat needs to be insured, but the truth is, all motorized vehicles need to be specifically insured.

For example, you might ask yourself if you really need coverage for your watercraft, motorcycle, golf cart, ATV, etc. However, the fact is, all these vehicles are not covered unless insured under a secure policy.

We get it, life should be enjoyed and many of the following vehicles are created with excitement and enjoyment in mind! They help you escape the monotony of life, feel the wind in your hair and get your blood pumping. However, don’t neglect the practical need for insurance on these vehicles. To do so could land you in major legal or financial trouble. Read on for coverage types for each of these vehicles and why you should consider adding this coverage to protect your specialty vehicles:

Vehicles and Types of Coverage Available

1. ATV

While All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) are fun, they can be dangerous and can result in significant injuries. Therefore, it is in your best interest to have ATV coverage to protect you against litigation due to injuries to a passenger or the cause of a motor vehicle accident while operating on a roadway. Don’t assume that your homeowners' insurance will provide coverage just because you are on your property! Many states require at least liability coverage for ATVs, not to mention that these vehicles are very expensive and you would need ATV coverage for the vehicle itself for theft, collision, etc.

2. Motorcycle

There are only a handful of states that don’t require motorcycle insurance (which are Florida, New Hampshire, Washington and Montana) all other states have mandatory insurance requirements to operate a motorcycle in that state. You may opt to carry Liability Only coverage, however, it’s a good idea to have comprehensive and collision coverage for the bike as well.

3. Golf Carts 

Most states do not have mandatory laws requiring owners to have golf cart coverage, however, something to keep in mind is that the homeowner policy only provides liability coverage when the golf cart is on a golf course or on your premises. Many times the golf cart is operated outside of these perimeters and therefore, there is no coverage. Also, the Homeowner policy will not provide physical damage coverage for the golf cart, in the event that the golf cart was stolen or damaged, you would need a policy with comprehensive and collision coverage.

4. Wave Runners and/or Jet Skis

Wave runners and/or jet skis are not covered on the homeowner or auto policy. You should consider purchasing insurance anytime you are operating a wave runner or jet skis on public waterways. There are many accidents every year with these vehicles and the owners need to purchase a watercraft policy in order to protect themselves for litigation and also to have coverage for the vehicle itself. Liability coverage does not provide coverage for the owner, but many times there are passengers. If you caused an accident and injury to a passenger, you need to have a watercraft policy for the vehicle.

5. RTV and/or Trailers

Trailers are automatically insured on your personal auto policy for liability coverage while you are pulling it. In order to have physical damage to the trailer, you would need to add the trailer to your auto policy for comprehensive and collision coverage. The homeowner policy provides limited coverage for physical damage to a trailer, but the coverage is usually limited to $1500.

6. Dirt Bikes

In most situations, you can cover your dirt bike under a standard motorcycle policy. This can include liability only coverage or comprehensive and collision coverage as well. Though dirt bikes are different from a motorcycle and you may or may not license it for use on public highways, you still would need to purchase a motorcycle policy in order to have liability and/or comprehensive and collision coverage for this vehicle.

Bottom Line: Don’t Skimp on Hobby Vehicle Insurance Coverage

Purchasing and having auto insurance in place is a must for your own protection. It will protect your family and anyone else riding in your vehicle, no matter what kind of vehicle that may be, land or sea. If there is an accident, you don’t want to end up in court without insurance protection. Therefore, insuring these hobby vehicles are not something to skimp on!

Admittedly, state laws can be confusing and difficult to navigate when doing your own research. Consequently, the only way to know for sure if you need to cover a particular vehicle is to consult with an experienced insurance agent. They will ensure you are set up with the right provider and policy to keep you protected.


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