4Sight: A Vision for How to Do Business Differently


Optimizing risk is essentially about protecting people and ensuring that they are able to live and work with confidence. At the end of the day, it’s not about insurance - it’s about people. That’s why the Human Element of Risk is the foundational focal point of the 4Sight process.

At Winter-Dent, it’s about Humans Helping Humans.

What is 4Sight?

4sight™ risk optimization empowers you to reduce your Total Cost of Risk.  Empowerment begins with a focused analysis of risk through the four 4sight™ lenses. The 4sight™ lenses are designed to analyze risks that make up your Business Risk Profile. Insurance carriers evaluate your Business Risk Profile against your competition to allocate limited coverage capacity to the more favorable risk. 

4sight™is the name given to Winter-Dent’s proprietary process of assessing a company from 5 distinct vantage points and providing a Business Risk Profile that meets its specific needs -  no more and no less. It grows and changes along with the business and ensures the right solutions are provided at the right time. The Business Risk Profile provides a process for making needed changes in specific areas with the purpose of reducing your Total Cost of Risk. In short, it is giving you control over something you didn’t think you had control over. 

What if you could improve your Business Risk Profile, reduce your Total Cost of Risk and give your business a competitive advantage? 

4sight™ can make “what if” a reality. 

Why is it called 4Sight?

Our concept of 4Sight draws from the idea of foresight - which is defined as "the ability to predict or the action of predicting what will happen or be needed in the future."

4Sight represents a mindset, a perspective for understanding that gives us the ability to provide custom solutions to minimize your risk, both personally and professionally.

Focus on Your Future- 4 Lenses

Digital Risk

In today's business environment, you're probably dealing with digital more than ever. Digital risk is all around us – everywhere. Although most of it is invisible to us, it is a top concern for business owners worldwide. From electronic banking to shopping to telecommuting, so much of human interaction has moved online.

Winter-Dent is dedicated to educating business owners about the elements of Digital Risk that are so vital to grasp.

We now explore "what to do if..." - or more likely "when" - someone tries to break into your system.

We have a dedicated Digital Risk Practice that can help you identify tools and monitoring options that can be used to improve the overall stability of this important Lens.

There is an increasing concern among business leaders regarding digital risks. Many aspects of your business are online and connected in today's virtual world. We assess how to minimize these risks. It becomes apparent when you examine your business from this perspective that you must protect yourself and your business from the ever-expanding world of digital risk.

Physical Risk

Owning a business isn't just a mental grind; it can also be physically demanding. As business owners, we are constantly exposed to Physical Risks. There are physical assets we need to protect - such as products and people - as well as our physical bodies and mental well-being.

And because we are humans – beings capable of independent thought and action – we can also cause injury or damage to other humans or their property – either accidentally or intentionally. Are you familiar with liability insurance? This is where it is needed.

This crucial second Lens, Physical Risk, is the one most people think of when they think of insurance. For us, it represents only one-fourth of your overall risk profile.

We face physical risks every day. Besides our physical bodies and mental health, we have assets to protect. As part of our 4Sight risk assessment process, you will be guided through a comprehensive evaluation process geared toward evaluating your company's unique characteristics.


Financial Risk

We are all independent thinkers and have our own opinions as humans. As business owners, we all have our own thoughts on how a business should be run. It is as if our own unique business DNA is able to bring our own unique "human currency" - our own set of skills and abilities - to the world.

Naturally, we also depend on "capital currency." Because we live in a world where money is king, we all face financial risks in every area of our business.

Health problems could arise at any time. A business could fail. You could lose a key employee, and have difficulty replacing them. Being an entrepreneur is full of uncertainties. However, being prepared can help. Having a sense of security and peace of mind is invaluable.

With our expertise in protecting this third Lens of Financial Risk, the advisors at Winter-Dent can help you mitigate the impact of these financial catastrophes.

In order to succeed, you must have a strong financial foundation. Managing this effectively fuels all aspects of your business at every stage. The importance of long-term planning cannot be overstated in today's world. By taking a close look at how you manage your risk and the benefits you provide,

Winter-Dent can help minimize the impact of any financial fiasco.

Compliance Risk

Compliance Risk, our 4th Lens in the 4Sight process, has become increasingly important in the world of business. Another way to think about this Lens is in terms of “human dignity.” As human beings, we all face compliance risks in many areas of our lives: as employees, bosses, parents, children, students, citizens, and more.

Keeping up with changing laws and business practices that influence this vital last Lens is a priority for us so that we can make sure you are protected to the fullest extent possible.

Regulations and compliance risks are becoming increasingly difficult for business owners to manage. There are a number of rules, regulations, and safeguards in the business world that are designed to ensure a healthy business environment. Our team of experts will help you keep these critical elements of your business in check through this lens.

Whatever stage you’re at in your business, we want to understand your needs and put together a plan to help protect you, your assets, and your people - now, and as your needs change.

Once we begin a relationship, it doesn't end there. True to our philosophy of Humans Helping Humans, we want to be a key partner in helping your business grow, for many years to come.

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