Humans Helping Humans

Humans Helping Humans


It’s easy for businesses, especially as they experience success, to lose track of why they got into business in the first place, to get so focused on things like products and budgets and technology …that they end up forgetting about the customers they serve. When that happens, it’s dangerous…for businesses, for customers, for communities…because motives change, and service suffers. Businesses that retain the value of personal relationships drive a line in the sand and make people a priority. That’s why for us Humans Helping Humans isn’t a phrase…it’s a culture and our attitude.

When you’ve been in business as long as we have, you see things. You watch businesses come and go, and you have the privilege of learning from both their successes and their mistakes. That’s why we chose “Humans Helping Humans” as a phrase to describe our culture…it defines for us the priority in making decisions, choosing partners, hiring employees, serving customers, and building communities. People are our priority. Always.

Here’s how we live that out:
  1. We are a 100% Employee-Owned ESOP. An Employee Stock Ownership Plan, or ESOP, is a way to give employees a tangible stake in the company’s success by providing stock ownership to everyone. It means that every employee at Winter-Dent has a vested interest in making sure relationships are valued and protected. It means customers benefit from low employee turnover and better customer service. Nobody cares like an Owner!

  2. We invest in our communities. Whether it’s supporting philanthropic organizations, participating in community events, or simply being good stewards of our resources…we understand the value of supporting the people that have supported us. We are fellow citizens in active and thriving communities, interacting daily with people we meet at the store, on a ballfield, in churches and restaurants.

  3. We expect excellence in customer service. A phone call to Winter-Dent is answered by a person, who connects you to another person specifically able to answer your question or solve your problem. We realize you can buy insurance online, or even from a gecko…but when you do business with Winter-Dent…you’re a person working with another person who listens and cares.

  4. It’s the little things that matter. We’re able to help you through the big things…because we’ve taken the time to focus on the little things: a personal phone call to check in after a claim happens, a meeting for coffee to talk about life changes that require different insurance needs, an email with information specifically answering a question you know we have – even before we ask it.

We are on the journey with you. Our life experiences have taught us what people may need at different times of their lives, how they like to be treated and why they matter. We ourselves have experienced many of those changes, and as such we are uniquely qualified to listen, understand and provide the expertise needed to help you make smart choices about your risk management program or insurance coverage.

At the end of the day, it’s not about insurance. Our mission is based on living life knowing that someone has your back. It’s about Humans Helping Humans.


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