Take Control of Your Total Cost of Risk with 4sight™


Business momentum is generated when specific actions and their intended results accumulate.  Momentum can differentiate your business from the competition and put more wins on the board. Does your business have momentum? Is your business momentum sustainable? At Winter-Dent, we recognize the challenges you face sustaining momentum in disruptive environments. Disruptive insurance markets can influence your Total Cost of Risk and affect your bottom line. The 4sight™ process can generate the momentum you need to take control of your Total Cost of Risk.

What is the 4sight™ Process?

The 4sight™ process is fueled by information and designed to adapt risk optimization strategies to changing business conditions. A key output of the 4sight™ process is a client service plan that drives information exchange and depth of relationship. Why is information exchange and depth of client relationship so important? A deep dive into the 4sight™ process steps will help you understand why. 




Simply stated, evaluation is how Winter-Dent gets to know you, your business, and the industry you operate in. Evaluation is an evergreen process – it never ends! As your risk tolerances change, Winter-Dent is right there to evaluate the impact and adapt risk optimization strategies accordingly. Evaluation begins with a healthy exchange of information that includes but is not limited to, business characteristics, insurance policies, third-party contracts, employee benefits plans, claims history, business growth strategy, succession planning, current challenges, etc.  An evaluation may include a site visit from our internal loss control and safety resource! 

Bottom line, Winter-Dent will gather the information needed to accurately profile your business risks and keep you in a position to make informed decisions about your risk tolerances and layers of protection. What are the outputs of a 4sight™ evaluation? You can expect to see an in-depth analysis of current policies and contracts and associated coverages/limits, business classification codes, asset valuations, compliance/physical risks, and other risk exposure aspects. This analysis is intended to baseline your “current state” and develop a Business Risk Profile that will be used to benchmark progress in reducing your Total Cost of Risk.


Strategy is about converting information into action! Winter-Dent will use your Business Risk Profile to develop a risk optimization strategy that aligns with your risk tolerances. What does this mean? It means that you will buy only the coverage you need, and you will have a blueprint to improve exposures associated with digital, physical, compliance, and physical risks. Don't worry - as your business conditions change, so will your risk optimization strategy!


Accountability is the foundation of 4sight™. We will collectively agree to the level of service you desire and track key touchpoints and deliverables in our electronic agency management system. We understand that as a business owner, you have options and can exercise those options if Winter-Dent does not deliver the value you expect. 


Adapting your risk optimization strategy to changing business conditions demands a high level of engagement. As your trusted risk advisor, Winter-Dent will develop a service plan establishing key touchpoints throughout each policy cycle. Touchpoints provide opportunities to develop our relationship and stay informed of changes to your business. They also allow us to keep you informed of changing insurance market conditions and impact on coverage placement options. Engagement is what keeps the 4sight™ process evergreen!      


Process-driven businesses reap the benefits of predictable results. The ability to monitor and predict outcomes allows you to align resources strategically and drive momentum in key growth areas. Is your Total Cost of Risk predictable year over year? If not, consider the benefits of 4sight™. 4sight™ can bring into focus aspects of your business that contribute to your Total Cost of Risk. This focus allows you to target improvements in areas that drive costs - now that’s control!


How Does 4sight™ Drive Business Continuity?  

4sight™ begins with the Human Element of Risk. Human beings are the heart of any business. That’s why our core value statement at Winter-Dent is Humans Helping Humans. We believe that optimizing risk is about protecting people and providing a way for them to live and work in confidence. As an insurance broker, we see firsthand the impact losses have on business continuity. Can your business survive a temporary or extended shutdown due to exposure and loss? 4sight™ can help you control exposures that have the potential to disrupt your business. 4sight™ is protection for your people and your business. 

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